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Web camera Cres Isle

Where Web Camera Looks

Our web camera scans the beginning of the seashore promenade starting from the little town of Cres and ending about 4 km farther away in the inaccessible terrain on the north of Cres. The mainland seen in the background is the Istria peninsula. The web camera looks westwards.

A Little Extract from History of Cres Web Camera

Sometime in the course of the 2001 season the historically first web camera started operation on Cres Isle. The web camera was rather simple (no diaphragm etc.) and was connected via USB to a PC with WIN98 operating system. The images were sent to a server in the Czech Republic via a dial-up connection. This web camera was unreliable, though (the USB communication often failed) and the delegates had to do a lot of restarting and setting.

Since summer 2003 a new solution was deployed. A professional web camera was purchased and the video signal was processed by a PC with FreeBSD. The computer was connected via WiFi to the main pension from where the images were forwarded to the Czech Republic. The web camera images on the web were updated every quarter hour.

Weather conditions and air and sea water temperatures on Cres Isle

In the course of the season the web camera recorded the weather conditions and the air and sea water temperatures on the island. For weather history see here.

After a time the weather site (both forecast and weather history) became the most frequently visited site of our web. One or two days before the start/end of run (Tuesday) the number of visitors to the web site rapidly increased and perhaps everybody watched the weather progress and forecast for their holiday.

Do you want to know what the weather will be like during your holiday? No problem, for the current weather forecast click here.